Heraklion Agia Irini Monastery

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Location: Kroussonas

The Monastery of Agia Irini is located 3 km from the village of Kroussonas and 25 km from Heraklion city, on the foothills of Mount Psiloritis. Its main church is a two-aisled basilica and it is not only dedicated to Agia Irini but also to the Assumption of Virgin Mary.

The monastery possibly dates to the 14th/15th century and although its exact construction date is unknown, the oldest manuscripts referring to it date to 1589.
During the Venetian occupation period, the monastery used to belong to the catholic Mudazzo family and a school was among its facilities. The family's burial vault has been discovered there.

It thrived up until the first years of the Ottoman occupation period. In 1822, the monastery's building complex was destroyed and its 70 monks were killed by the Ottomans.
It was reconstructed in 1936 and soon after that, it became fully operational again. Nuns started living in the monastery around 1944.

The monastery and its garden are open to the public and you will also find a religious gift shop.



1 Reviews
  • olli.lampinen 26 Oct 2012
    Picturesque monastery
    If you travel to Crete go to the wonderful Agia Irini Monastery at Kroussonas. It is a very nice and historical Monastery. I was there in September 2011 with my wife. The monastery has been established in the 10th century. As accurs with most of the monasteries in Crete it has been destroyed severals times during the various revolutions and revolts against the Ottomans domination. The buildings and the garden are very beautiful. There is a very nice shop for tourists from which you can buy traditional handicrafts of weaving and needlework. The products are made by the 9 nuns who now are living in the monastery. The restoration of the buildings started in 1970 and in 1989 the monastery was reoccupied by the nuns. When you visited inhabited monasteries you must remember that your clothing must be appropriate, sholders and knees must be covered. Go to this picturesque monastery, it is very beautiful situated high up on a mountain. I am sure that you will like this place !