Press to open the Archaeological Museum

• Category: News
The Archeological Council of Greece is pressing things for the opening of the Archeological Museum of Heraklion that remains closed for many years now, after the intervention of Mrs Lina Mendoni, general secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, who insisted that the renovation works should speed up for the opening of the museum in 2012. The residents of Heraklion have also been strongly involved in this matter as this is one of the most significant museums in Greece and hosts unique findings, like the Phaistos Disc and interesting frescoes from Knossos. The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion is actually the second most visited place in the prefecture after Knossos. Two main sections of the museum will actually be reformed: The Minoan and the Cretan Minoan civilization, the first European civilization and The historical times of Crete (end of 11th century B.C. to 4 century A.C.) Numerous suggestions have been made from the members of the Archaeological Council to use special drawers in order to eliminate the number of the museum's exhibits that reach 8,500 pieces in total.