Police arrested British dressed like nuns

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British tourists dressed like Catholic nuns upset last night the local society of Malia, close to Heraklion. The 17 tourists, aged 25 to 60, wore mini-costumes of nuns, wooden crosses, suspender belts and other provocative underwear and toured the streets of Malia, where they were spending their summer vacations, showing off their clothes and causing troubles. In fact, some British hadn't worn underwear and when they stepped into a local bar, they showed the other guests their genitals. The British, who were drunk, didn't hesitate to show their genitals and do unappropriate gestures to some policemen they met on the street. These policemen called back up and arrested the 17 drunken tourists. This morning, they went under court in the Magistrates' Court of Heraklion with the charge of causing a public scandal and usurpation of a religious authority. However, they were left to go as no witness came up to testify that he was offended by their actions. The 17 British, most of whom have families and kids back in the United Kingdom, said they were sorry for what they did and that they just wanted to have fun on their vacations. They are returning home later today.