Home of Literature in Malia

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A home different from the others, with view to lush greenery and surrounded by many yards. A new Home of Literature has recently been created in Krasi village, close to Malia, to house creations of writers and translators from all over the world. This Home was built with the cooperation of the Municipality of Malia and the European Centre of Translation and Literature, while it is expected to open in June. 14 Homes of Literature work globally and 1 is found in Greece, specifically in Paros island. Since 2003, such a home has been established in the mountainous village of Lefkes, the old capital of Paros. This home close to Heraklion is the second in Greece. These homes include double rooms, common areas, a large library with books of all kinds and a nice yard. Writers and translators can go there to relax and work, paying a very small amount to stay. The only requirement is that they mention the Home of Literature in their work, when it will be published. "The regions that host Home of Literature basically get an advanced cultural level", said Mrs Zerva, the directress of the European Centre of Translation and Literature. "More than 300 writers and translators come to Lefkes Paros to relax and work, which means that 300 books a year will mention Lefkes as a place of literature production". The Home of Literature in Krasi Malia presumes the organization of cultural events all over the year. Many translation seminars, lectures, exhibitions and other activities will be held that will certainly make Malia famous as a cultural destination.