Concert of Traditional Cretan Music

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The concert of Vasilis Stavrakakis, a renowned Cretan artist, was held last month at the Theatre of Agron, located 25 km from Heraklion, close to Kyparissi village. This lovely theatre is actually a stone-built amphitheatre with a circular stage, built exclusively by a private citizen, Mr Yiannis Somarakis, without any help from the government or the local authorities. The theatre hosts many events every summer and people from Heraklion and all over Crete come to attend them.
That evening, everything was special. The mature voice of Vasilis Stavrakakis singing mantinades about the happiness and the pain of love were accompanied by the soft music of lyra, the traditional Cretan musical instrument. Michalis and Giorgos Stavrakakis, Iakovos Paterakis, Antonis Fragiadakis and Maria Fasoulaki also sang old and new songs and offered their audience a lovely and nostalgic night.