Agios Titos Feast, Heraklion

Aug 25, 2016 — Aug 25, 2016 • Category: Events

On August 25th, a great feast takes place in the town of Heraklion for the celebration of Agios Titos (Saint Titus). Agios Titos was a well-educated man who lived in Greece and was christianized by Apostle Paul. Apostle Paul referred to him at one of his epistles as a true Christian. During his life, Agios Titos helped considerably in spreading the word of the Bible.
The Church of Agios Titos is built in Heraklion Town, at the central August 25th street and it constitutes one of the most important monuments in Crete. This church became a Latin bishop, during the Venetian Occupation and a mosque, during the Ottoman Occupation. It was destroyed two times; once in 1557 by fire and once in 1856 by a great earthquake. Nowadays, it operates as an Orthodox church and it houses the relics of Agios Titos and a precious icon of Mesopantitissa. This church is square in shape and is a basilica with an exceptionally beautiful dome.
If you be there on August 25th, you will have the opportunity to attend the feast dedicated to Agios Titos. During this traditional feast that has been taking place for about a hundred years, many charity activities are organized. Also, note that many well-known Cretan musicians perform and entertain the people with traditional music. The atmosphere during the feast is always celebratory and devout.