Heraklion Tripiti beach

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General information

Tripiti Beach lies around 74 kilometers south of Heraklion Town, at the edge of a small valley formed by the Tripiti Gorge. To get there, you can drive along a dust road starting at the seaside settlement of Lentas or take another dust road from the Vassiliki village in the Messara Plain. Both routes pass through rugged mountainous landscapes affording magnificent views.

When you reach the coast, you will see a long pebbly beach with pristine azure waters. Some tamarisks along the shore provide some natural shade, while a small promontory shelters Tripiti from the wind. The beach is not organized and the only tourist facilities include a little tavern that operates during the summer months. However, Tripiti is quite popular with the locals, some of whom have parked their caravans there on an almost permanent basis.

If you carry on along the coastal dust road leading to Lentas, you will also come along a series of secluded sandy coves. While in the area, you can also explore a series of caves at the exit of the Tripiti Gorge that have given the beach its name (tripa means “hole” in Greek). Inside one of them, you will find a quaint chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

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