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General information

Maridaki Beach lies around 72 km south of Heraklion Town, on a turquoise-watered delta formed by two converging gullies that descend from the Asterousia Mountains.

This enchanting beach is strewn with fine pebbles and enclosed by rugged cliffs that form a series of caves and secluded coves. The waters are always cool, even on the hottest summer days, as two streams that run through the gorges open into the sea precisely at this point. With the exception of a tavern that can be found near the beach, Maridaki is not organized.

Near the beach, there is a settlement with sprawling summer houses. The wider area is full of hidden gems, and you can combine your visit to Maridaki Beach with such activities as trekking and canyoning at the nearby Achendrias Gorge. The gorge is easily accessible, except for its last part, which requires special canyoning equipment. About 15 minutes from the beach, at the point where the two gorges meat, you can see the waterfalls of Lichnistis, a series of five cascades.

Maridaki is accessible by car through a rough winding dust road starting at the Kastelliana village; the route is 15 kilometers long. However, it is recommended to drive as far as Tsoutsouras and proceed to Maridaki on foot, as the two settlements are connected by a charming trail lined by carob trees, dry pastures and caves. The sea views it offers are absolutely breathtaking, while, in the middle of the route, you will see the legendary Drakospilia cave. Though its entrance doesn’t look like much, its interior is quite spacious, while, to the back, there is a mysterious narrow passage. 

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