Heraklion Elygia beach

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General information

Elygia Beach is a small, secluded shore located 72 km south of Heraklion Town. It’s a charming alternative for those who prefer to avoid large crowds and commotion, with the wild and rocky landscape composing a truly eye-catching atmosphere.

You will find the beach on your way to Koudoumas Monastery. The coast is covered in fine pebbles and thick, ashy sand and is not organized with umbrellas or sunbeds. The waters are rather deep, so you should be careful if you have children. However, they’re crystal clear and boast a lovely sapphire color. Across the coast, you will see several small caves where eremites used to reside.

There’s a legend regarding Elygia, according to which the Virgin Mary used to appear in the area dressed in total black, surrounded by an intense light that reflected on the surface of the sea. It is said that she made those appearances in order to force visitors to leave because she wanted the place for herself.

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