The battle of Crete historical tour

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General Description

On this special historical tour you will explore and learn starting from the beginning of the WWII, how the greatest war that world have ever seen, affected East-South Europe, Greece and Crete. There will be analytic descriptions about operation “Marita”, the glorious Greek-Italian war of 1940 and under what circumstances the operation “Mercury” began. The battle of Crete was one of the most important war theatres in WWII and the resistance played a very important role to revive the allied troops morale around the world.

On this tour you will visit the key-locations of the battle of Crete. A few kilometers from Chania, is Maleme, Tavronitis and Galatas where we start analyzing the battle and there will be detailed schedule for the rest of our day. Some of the locations you will visit are the German and Allies war cemeteries, high spots to have panoramic views and understand everything about the battle on a live map, secret shelters and monuments.

The general historical facts of the battle of Crete are known. In this tour, you will discover the original details and the unknown stories behind the scenes. You will have the chance to tour around the places where heroism and hope was a life goal for the Cretan partisans and the Greek , British, Australian and New Zealand troops. The battle of Crete changed the world in many different ways.

This tour can be booked by a min of 2 participants. Only one adult cannot book this tour.

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