Liquid Bungy in Chania

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Location: Anopolis

A revered bungee jumping destination in Chania, Liquid Bungy is one of Greece’s finest options for this exciting experience! Founded in 1993, the company focuses on creating a warm and welcoming environment, as well as helping its customers perform well-tested and certified jumps! With new techniques that reduce straining in the ankles (spreading the pressure throughout the torso and lower legs instead, putting much less force on the human body), the people of Liquid Bungy are pioneers of extreme sports!

Liquid Bungy started off in the famous bridge of Halkida, popularizing bungee jumping in urban Greece! In addition, the company frequently held one-off or multi-year events around the country, in places such as Pounda Beach in Paros, Schinias Beach in northeastern Attica, the Athenian Rockwave Festival, the annual carnivals of Rethymno and Patras, as well as the Parnassus ski center, breaking records through the years!

Since 1999, Liquid Bungy has been operating high-safety bungee jumps in Aradaina Bridge, the fantastic bungee jumping bridge that leads Greece in altitude, reaching 138 meters above ground level! This magnificent bridge (also second amongst European bridges regarding altitude) connects two hills that are separated by a dried-out river at the village of Anopolis, part of the Sfakia municipality in southern Chania! Also, with each bungee jump, you will be handed a commemorative certificate, a USB drive with photos of your jump, video recordings of your experience, and a t-shirt!

Liquid Bungy is open each weekend from June to September, from 12:00 to 17:00, and you can pre-book a visit or show up on-site to check out for any availabilities.



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