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Bungee jumping has been one of the most exciting sports in Greece during the last 15 years. Until the year 2000, the bridge of Halkida used to be the most famous bungee site and many people experienced this amazing challenge. Today one can try this unique dive from Aradena Bridge, located 85 km from Chania and the town of Rethymnon, close to the village of Sfakia.

Aradena is the highest bridge in Greece for bungee jumping and the second-highest bridge in Europe, with a height of 138 meters. It was constructed in 1986 and it links the edges of a wild canyon. The bridge has all the safety certifications for practicing this extreme sport. So if you are not dreading heights and you are ready to face your fears, take a trip to Aradena, in Chania.

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Liquid Bungy

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Liquid Bungy is a leader of extreme sports in Greece, being the first to popularize bungee jumping in the country. It offers safety-approved jumps at the stunning Aradaina Bridge, while it has also hosted various jumping events in various spots throughout the years.