Chania Topolia Gorge

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Location: Topolia

Topolia Gorge, also known as Topoliano Gorge, can be found on the western side of the region of Chania, near the mountainous village of Topolia. Due to its magical natural scenery, it has become a popular destination among hikers and nature enthusiasts.

The gorge is approximately 1.5 kilometers long and it takes 1 hour to hike through it. The route starts near the Katsomatados village, at an altitude of around 250 meters, and it is not considered difficult. You will be able to reach the entrance of the gorge by car and then park your vehicle in order to continue on foot.

While hiking, you will have the opportunity to admire the gorge's steep cliffs, secluded caves, lush plane trees and the river Tiflos, which runs through it. Birds and Cretan goats can also be spotted in this area.

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According to ancient folklore, this gorge, and especially its caves, was home to fairies and other mythological entities. The Minoans believed this was where the goddess Britomartys lived, while Talos, the bronze giant who protected Crete from enemy attacks, was associated with this place too. In myths, he often stopped here to rest, watching the heavenly dancing and singing of the nymphs.

Another local landmark is the Topolia tunnel, the only one in Crete to have been constructed by hand. Right at the tunnel's exit, you will cross the majestic cave of Agia Sofia. In places, the walls have been completely covered by algae, which gives them a dark green color. The cave is really huge and boasts spectacular stalactites and stalagmites, some of which are 5-6 meters long! The stalagmites take on an inexhaustible variety of fantastic shapes, and one of them, which looks remarkably like a unicorn, is really mindblowing. Various ancient objects dating as far back as the Neolithic times have been discovered here as well.

On the left side, the small chapel of Agia Sofia has been put up inside the cave. Though you will not say anything exceptional in terms of icons or architecture, its surroundings make it truly unique.

Since the Topolia Gorge has become a popular place to visit, small markets where you can find a wide variety of local products are often set up along the road during the summer.



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