Chania Minoan’s World 3D Museum & 9D Cinema

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Europe’s oldest civilization meets Europe’s first 3D Museum and 9D Cinema! Minoan’s World breaks the mold of traditional museums, combining interactive exhibits and a 9D cinema that will take you back in time with fully immersive special effects.

The first part of the Minoan experience is the 3D museum tour. Life-like silicon statues and mesmerizing 3D art that comes to life through your phone's camera offer numerous fun photo opportunities. Have your picture taken facing the mighty Minotaur and partaking in the ancient sport of bull-leaping. Don’t forget to take a seat on the throne, just like King Minos!

Afterward, fasten your seatbelts for the 9D cinema, which will immerse you in the world on screen, as you experience first-hand everything you see: wind, rain and snow, earthquakes, lightning, fog, and more…

After breathtaking drone shots of Crete and an introduction to the history of the Minoan civilization, you will get to see the short film “Minoan’s World”. In this film, you will witness the birth of the great god Zeus and follow his life up to the abduction of Princess Europa, which led to the birth of King Minos, whose legends abound.
You will then get trapped in the legendary labyrinth of Knossos as you try to escape the Minotaur, but fear not; Theseus will come to slay the beast! In between, you will get to visit the palace of Knossos and take part in the blood-pumping sport of bull-leaping. Then you’ll fly next to Daedalus and Icarus, as they flee from Crete with their wax wings, before finally experiencing the eruption of Santorini’s volcano, which caused the devastating tsunami that ended the Minoan era.

The 9D movie is available in 14 languages, using bone conduction headsets, specifically Greek, English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Russian, and Hebrew.

Screening hours (every 45 minutes, including both the 3D museum and the 9D cinema): Monday - Friday: 11:15, 12:00, 12:45, 13:30, 14:10, 15:00, 15:45. Saturday: 15:00, 15:45, 16:30.

Additionally, other movies are also shown at the 9D cinema in the afternoon on select dates. These have included movies such as Jumanji, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles 2, among others, all enhanced with the 9D experience.

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    Visit a 3D Museum with a 9D experience to learn about the ancient Minoan civilization, have a photo tour, and enjoy entertaining and informative movies!

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