Chania Historical & Folklore Museum of Gavalochori

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Location: Gavalochori
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The Historical & Folklore Museum of Gavalochori Village is located 30 km east of Chania Town. Housed in a historic building reflecting the traditional local architecture, it was established in 1968 and opened its gates to the public in 1993.

Its main building consists of a basement with a patio, an arched house with ancillary rooms, and a chamber (oda) on the upper floor. Part of the building was constructed during the Venetian era, while the oda was added during the period of the Turkish occupation.

The museum's collection, which is enriched with new exhibits every year, is made up of various objects of cultural and historical importance, including sculptures, textiles, weapons, coins, pottery, tools, utensils, icons, clothing, furniture and machinery. The oldest items date back to Roman times, although the majority of the objects come from the Venetian and Turkish occupation periods.

The exhibition is divided into 7 rooms, each with a unique theme: Kamarospito (the Arched House), Silk, Pottery, Kopaneli (lace-making), Stone carving, and Religious wood carving. One of the most interesting parts of the exhibition is the Arched House, which recreates an authentic Cretan house. Here, visitors can see a loom, a kitchen with traditional kitchenware, a wine press that could be turned into a bed or a storage space, a cellar and a living room with a singular one-armed armchair.

The historical section of the museum comprises Cretan costumes made entirely of local silk, an impressive lace wedding dress, Byzantine wooden altarpieces, as well as guns and swords used during the long struggles for the island's independence. There are also paintings and lithographs depicting major historical events, medals, and coins from various periods.

Although the museum has a vintage atmosphere, it stays up to date by offering explanatory texts, models and other modern tools that allow you to get a better understanding of life in Crete during the previous centuries.

The museum's opening hours are:
Monday to Friday 09:00-20:00, Saturday 09:00-19:00 and Sunday 11:00-18:00
Note: Opening hours may differ depending on the season.

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