A museum for the evolution of typography

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It's been only a few years that a special museum works in Chania Crete. The Typography Museum was inaugurated in May 2005 under the auspices of the local newspaper Haniotika Nea (News of Chania). This small but interesting museum is the result of an individual man, Giannis Garedakis, publisher and director of Haniotika Nea. After a long-term research and collection of rare objects, such as books, old newspapers, printing presses, work-benches and types, Mr Garedakis created a unique museum that narrates the evolution of typography.

We talked to Mrs Elia Koumi, who works in the museum, and asked her information about this lovely place that presently opens only after appointment. "The museum has printing presses that date from 1835 till the beginning of the 20th century", she stressed out. "These presses worked either automatically or manually or they were even foot-operated. You will also see other tools, letters, work-benches, stamps, papers and books, which resulted from the printing process. Most of the printing presses come from abroad, mostly Germany and Holland, while few were found in Greece and particularly Crete. Most of the exhibits have been bought by the museum, but we are also happy to get donations from many friends of typography".

What books does the Library of Cretan Book include?

Our library includes books about Crete and also books of Cretan writers. The oldest books date from the late 19th century, as for example the Constitution of the Cretan State (1898). There are also old Cretan newspapers, magazines and school books.

Are there organized tours for visitors?

Yes. Unfortunately, for present, the museum works only with appointment and the ticket is always free, as an offer of Haniotika Nea to the town of Chania and its visitors. The tours are both in Greek and English. The printing machines are set in operation and people can see live a paper printed with old tools.

The Typography Museum of Chania is located inside the Park of Local Industries, 5 km from Chania Town

More info at: Typography museum