Theatre of Ancient Aptera opened to public

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The Theatre of Ancient Aptera in the region of Chania, western Crete, was given for public visit this past Saturday, December 12th, in a large event with the presence of the Greek Minister of Culture, Mr Aristides Baltas, and representatives of local authorities.

This important theatre was entirely constructed with local limestone and it is found on the south eastern side of the ancient city of Aptera, at a natural cavity with view to the south of the island and the White Mountains. Its oldest phase is dated from the Hellenistic times (first half of the 3rd century BC), while it was largely reconstructed during the Roman times.

After the severe destructions of the ancient theatre of Aptera during the 19th and the 20th century, the monument was recently reconstructed and revealed so that the general public visits it.

During the event, the Greek Minister of Culture said that "the entire ancient site of Aptera is wonderful. Something new is added at the culture map of the island, with this theatre that connects the ancient civilization with present Crete."

The archaeological site of Aptera is found 13 km east of Chania Town. With a highly fortunate geographical location, this city-state was rich and powerful from the Minoan times through the Hellenistic era, when it gradually declined. In the 7th century AD, it was destroyed by an earthquake.