Fossiled foot track found in Crete

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Millions of years ago, when western Crete was united to Peloponnese, carnivorous at the size of a leopard were living all over this region. This was proved when a 7 million-years-old fossil foot track of such an animal was found last year in Crete. The findings of the research will be published for the first time today in a geological convention that starts in Thessaloniki. As scientists say, this is the only foot track of carnivorous of such age that has been found in the Greek territory. The research shows that the foot track probably belongs to an hyaena or a big cat. The foot track was found in the prefecture of Chania, close to the village of Gouves. In the future, it will be displayed in a specially-designed room in the Museum of Natural History in Heraklion Crete. The photo is from