Ancient Aptera Reveals Buried Secrets

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The ancient site of Aptera, in the prefecture of Chania, Crete, has once again revealed its buried secrets to archaeologists. Excavations conducted by the 25th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities have unearthed two funerary monuments, one with an underground mausoleum that has a staircase and an antechamber leading down to it, still in good condition. The aims of this excavation project included uncovering the wall of the site and stabilizing its ancient tall structures. The main work was centered on the fortress's western side that borders with an ancient cemetery. The total length of the structure, dating back to the mid-4th century B.C, was measured at 3,480 meters. The findings at the site include a city gate and a rectangular tower with graves of infants nearby and two big burial monuments, still intact, near the hero's monument that was discovered during the previous excavation. This archaeological project, which is estimated to cost about 880,000 euros, also revealed ancient coins and pieces of pottery.