A German aircraft to be pulled up

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The Greek Air Force has decided to pull up a German Nazi aircraft hat lies in the bottom of the sea closde to Maleme, Chania. Yesterday morning, an expert group arrived in Chania to explore the submerged aircraft, which lies there since the Second World War. The aircraft is a Messerschmitt 109, one of the most powerful aircraft types of the Germans that time. It is one of the 211 German planes that were lost during the Fight of Crete. After 5 years of efforts, the Association "Friends of the Sea Bed" managed to persuade the Air Force Authorities to pull the aircraft up to the earth. The impressive thing is that the engine collars are still elastic, while some parts of the wing are still brazing. When the aircraft will be pulled up, it will be used as an exhibit in the Air Force Museum that will be created in Maleme.