Nocturnal architecture at Chania exhibition

May 09, 2006 — May 21, 2006 • Category: Events
Integrating French expertise of lighting of large buildings, an upcoming filed of modern architecture, has led to a broader debate in Greece regarding the best ways to enhance the main attractions of the country. Lights and Architecture, Lumieres sur la France, an exhibition regarding lighting design is currently on show at Chania Center for Mediterranean Architecture at the Big Arsenal, Katehaki Square. It forms an ideal platform or an ideas workshop. Also included is a three-day seminar on the topic scheduled for May 19-21, featuring acclaimed Greek architects discussing lighting design as an intrinsic part of a comprehensive concept. Regarding enhancing the nocturnal urban landscape of Greece, lighting of buildings is an important factor. It brings out the city's contrast by night and by day, while creating a play between the fantastical qualities lighting can give a building and the starkness of much modern architecture. Containing numerous photographs of notable lighting projects in France by expert lighting designers, such as Pierre Bideau, the Chania exhibition highlights the innovation and application of new technologies in recent years that have expanded the debate over so-called nocturnal architecture. With the cooperation of the French Institute of Athens and the French Embassy the exhibition has been brought to Greece and was previously presented in China.