Chania Film Festival 2023

Oct 27, 2023 — Nov 06, 2023 • Category: Events
Location: Town

The Chania Film Festival is a yearly international film festival taking place in the span of ten days, usually in the last days of October until the first days of November. The events of the festival are hosted in several venues of the Cultural Center of Chania, as well as an open-air theater on the premises, and are organized by the Cultural Society of Crete.

The main event consists of numerous film viewings from all over the world, including fictional works, animation and documentaries, among other categories. Participants have the opportunity to watch both short and feature-length films, discuss with the creators and learn about the themes and process of creating a movie. Additionally, they can attend a variety of other events, such as special screenings, book presentations, exhibitions and workshops, to enjoy the festival in an interactive way.

Throughout the year, the hosts of the festival also organize cineLessons, an educational program dedicated to students and teachers. The goal is to introduce children and teens to the importance of cinema, filmmaking and culture from a young age in order to develop their talents and learn simultaneously.

The dates of each year’s festival are subject to change, so checking the official website is highly recommended.