Minoans in Chania

The Minoans in Chania Crete: The Minoan civilization was the first advanced civilization that flourished in Europe, named after King Minoa of Crete. The first evidence of inhabitancy by the Minoans appeared in 2600 BC and lasted until the 12th century BC. The Minoans prospered in trade and urban development and built towns from one side of Crete to another. Most towns were constructed in strategic spots, for example on tops of hills overlooking the sea or close to natural bays.

Although the most famous Minoan sites in Crete are found in the regions of Heraklion and Lassithi, many traces of Minoan towns have also been excavated in the prefecture of Chania. Ancient Kydonia is one of these towns, on the site of which the modern town of Chania has been established. Located on the low hill of Kastelli above Chania Town, Ancient Kydonia has a Minoan-type public building and wall frescoes of the post-Minoan period. Few Minoan traces have also been excavated in Ancient Falassarna, western Chania, and elsewhere.