Chania Von Schwartz Residence

The exquisitely designed residence of Baroness Von Schwartz is one of the finest samples of neoclassical architecture in Chania. 

Baroness Marie Esperance von Schartz was a German author who became known for her firm support of Giuseppe Garibaldi and her books about the Cretans’ liberation struggle. She came to Crete in the 1860s, and she permanently settled in Chania in 1865, at a time of turmoil due to the Cretan Revolt of 1866. Her elegant villa was built in 1860, and from 1865 till the end of the Turkish occupation, it was a social and philanthropic center.

This magnificent residence is located in the suburb of Halepa and its sheer elegance immediately draws the attention of visitors. It stands out for the balance and simplicity of its form, while its marble steps and porch are truly superb pieces of craftsmanship. Today, the residence is uninhabited and the wear of time is sadly evident, but there are plans for its restoration.