The freedom you experience when being in your car, driving and feeling the air on your face is indescribable! Having the convenience of your own car and taking your time to explore new destinations are just a few of road trip’s perks. If you are thinking about organizing your next road trip to Greece, we [...]



Visiting Kalavryta in winter is like jumping into a folk story. Only a couple of hours away from Athens, it is one of the best destinations for fall and winter. Kalavryta is a town with a historic past, as it was the place where the Greek revolution started back in 1821. You can definitely feel [...]


Why Parga is your next destination

Parga is a coastal town in northwestern Greece. Being located at the Ionian coast, Parga is easily accessible by ferry, which has many frequent routes. Parga is built in an amphitheatrical way. It is well-known for its picturesque beauty to such an extent, that is also known as the “Bride of Eripus” (Epirus is the [...]


2 day trip to the Ancient Peloponnese

Are you in Athens and having just a couple of days to visit a short-distance destination, which can offer you both breathtaking landscapes and archaeological sites of exceptional historical significance? Stop thinking about it -Peloponnese is the right place for you! The Peloponnesian peninsula has been inhabited since the early antiquity. During the Bronze Age [...]



In the south eastern edge of Peloponnese, just before the unique rocky landscape of Laconic Mani, there is an almost medieval town that appears to have emerged from the shadows, the island of Monemvasia.     In a mood of some history? Its name is the combination of the greek words “moni” (=church) and “emvasi” [...]


Sounio: strolling around the footsteps of Poseidon

Are you looking for a place that combines stunning natural landscapes and archaeological sites of unique historical significance? Then, Sounio is the ideal option for you! Located in the southernmost edge of Attica and at 69 km from Athens, Sounio will charm you before you even arrive; the coastal route from Athens offers charming sea [...]


Some of the Outstanding buildings of Athens

Athens is renowned for its incomparable archaeological sites, vivid urban scene and upbeat nightlife – however did you know that it also has some of the most special architectural samples of Europe’s South? Below we have gathered few of the most outstanding Athenian buildings – others historical, some simply breathtaking – that will help you [...]

Athens Acropolis Museum

5 reasons to visit Athens Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis is definitely one historical site you can’t miss during your stay in Athens. Except of this magnificent building surely you have to visit also the Athens Acropolis museum which is only 300 meters from the Acropolis. The museum is a new beautiful and modern building designed in such a way so it reflects [...]


Dakos: A Cretan Delicacy

Everybody loves tasting local recipes when visiting a new town or city, especially if this place is famous for its delicious cuisine. Well, Crete is considered an idyllic island not only because of its beautiful landscape and beaches, but also for its mediterranean gastronomy. Among the gorgeous dishes of Cretan Cuisine, Dakos constitutes one of [...]

Edessa, Wasserfälle.

Discover Edessa

Greece is not only about islands; its mainland can also offer invaluable experiences to those who visit it. Edessa, the city of water, is located near to Greece’s second biggest city Thessaloniki, in central Macedonia. Edessa is mostly known for its stunning rivers and waterfalls. Its name, which is of Phrygian origin, literally means “tower/city [...]