Top 5 things to do in Mykonos

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Every summer, Mykonos, the second most celebrated Greek island after Santorini, gets flooded by millions of tourists, who are attracted by its magnificent beaches and vibrant nightlife. Retaining the traditional Cycladic architecture with little cubic houses and whitewashed walls, Mykonos is a popular destination as a cruise stop as well.

Whether in pursuit of delight and fun, or wishing to explore the island’s exotic beauty, you will certainly have lots of things to do in Mykonos.

#See the sunset at Little Venice

Things to do in Mykonos: see Little Venice

A truly wondrous place in Mykonos Town, Little Venice resembles to Venice of Italy, due to its elegant old houses built directly on the sea edge. The seashore is lined up with bars and cafes where you can have a drink, while admiring the sunset. The majestic view from Little Venice has attracted numerous renowned artists throughout the years.

The deep blue sea and snowwhite walls blend in harmony and the scenery is completed by the golden red rays of the sun. Stroll along the famous windmills or take a Sunset Cruise from Ormos port with your significant other, to enjoy the incredible sunset in the most romantic way.

#Swim in fantastic beaches

Things to do in Mykonos: swim in fantastic beaches

Wonderful beaches with golden sand and shimmering azure waters are by far the most prominent characteristic of Mykonos. The most popular beaches, such as Super Paradise, Paradise, Elia and Lia, organized with water sports facilities and beach bars, are found on the southern part of the island.

These beaches attract many young visitors, as they host day and night parties, but there are also more secluded beaches away from crowds if you need more privacy. Visitors can access the amazing beaches of Mykonos by bus from the main town or by boat from the old port.

#Enjoy active nightlife

One of the most popular things to do in Mykonos is, of course, partying and enjoying the famous nightlife of the island. Mykonos Town is the top spot for clubbing, drinking, dancing and meeting new people. A wide range of different clubs and bars are scattered on top of one another at the centre of the town, offering alternatives for all music styles.

The picturesque quarter of Little Venice, in particular, has a diverse night scene, ranging from sophisticated bars and romantic venues for a drink to busy clubs for dancing. Clubs stay lively all night and drag queen shows are frequently organized in gay bars, given that Mykonos is a popular gay destination.

#Stroll through the Town

A walk along the paved streets of Mykonos Town is a unique experience. The traditional white cubic houses, the colorful decoration of doors and balconies with the Medieval style, the narrow paths and the lovely chapels create a both romantic and nostalgic feeling that enchants visitors. On your way, you shall surely come across Parapotiani Church and enjoy shopping in the chic boutiques and tourist stores.

#Visit Ancient Delos

Things to do in Mykonos: Visit Delos island

Your list of things to do in Mykonos should definitely include taking a boat tour to Delos. The island of Delos is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, a paradise for history lovers. Legend has it that it was the birthplace of the ancient god Apollo. The island was actually a religious centre and was never truly used as settlement. Many temples and sanctuaries were found on top of Delos, few of which survive until today. There are daily trips (except Monday) to Delos from Mykonos old port from May through October.

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