The magnificent beaches of Karpathos

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Karpathos is the second largest island in the complex of Dodecanese, full of contrast in it’s beauty. The bigest part of the island has mountains except the south part wich is full of canyons and valleys. The island is also consisted with a lot of forests and amazing beaches. Some of the most popular beaches of Karpathos are:


Apella beach is the most famous in Karpathos. The beauty is indescribable and incredibly clean. You can sit under the shadow of the many pine trees since they reach the shore of the beach. There are also umbrellas you can rent for the day. You can access the beach by car from Pigadia or from the village of Aperi and there isn’t any settlement near this beach so you will have your privacy.


Pigadia is the beach of the capital and the largest in the island. It is well organized and crowded because of it’s popularity. The beach is sandy and the waters are crystal clear. If you like water sports, there are sea sport facilities. After a long day at the beach, you can enjoy delicious local dishes or some fresh fish from the taverns arround the area. It is a really nice choice for families.


Lefkos beach is surely one of the best beaches to visit. It is consisted by three smaller ones for every preference. The first one has shallow waters and is a good choice for families with little children. The second one is a really quite beach, perfect for some time of relaxation. Finally, the third one, is the lengthiest of all with amazing blue waters that deepen quickly. Arround the area there are many hotels. You will also find a lot of cafeterias and tavernas to enjoy some coffee and a lovely meal after a long day at the beach.


Diakoftis beach is one of the most beautiful ones in Greece. It is located in a protected wildlife refuge near the airport. Due to it’s location it is not so easy to access but if you do, you will have the opportunity to visit a quite beach with white sand and amazing turquoise waters. Don’t forget your diving mask because while swimming you can see the rich underwater life of this fantastic beach.


Achata beach is located between two big rocks so it is protected from the wind and you can admire the natural beauty. It is a sandy beach with some pebbles and wonderful water colors. It is easily accessible from the village of Aperi and nearby, there is a cantine so you can grab a bite after a long swim.
For the fans of windsurfing, the best beaches for this sport are located on the southern part of Pigadia (the islands capital). All of those beaches are crystal clear clean and sandy!
For more information about the beaches visit:

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