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Islands near Santorini: Amorgos

Best day trips from Naxos to other islands of Cyclades

Visited by thousands of tourists each year, Naxos is renowned for its fertile green landscape and the golden beaches. As Naxos is located in the centre of the Cyclades, it is a good starting point to explore other islands in the region. An excellent idea is to have your holiday base in Naxos, which is [...]

Top things to do in Naxos

Top 10 things to do in Naxos

Located in the centre of Cyclades, Naxos is the largest island of this complex. Ideal for families and romantic couples, Naxos is the most relaxing island for summer holidays. Unlike the other islands of Cyclades, Naxos has green nature in the centre, which makes it ideal for hiking and mountain biking in spring and autumn. [...]