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Mykonos gay travel

Gay friendly Mykonos: the other side of local tourism

The island of Mykonos, the second top island destination in Greece, is famous for many things: the picturesque architecture, the stunning beaches, the vivid nightlife and also its gay tourism. Since the 1970s, when famous gay artists and actors started flowing to the island, Mykonos keeps attracting many gay visitors every summer. Today it is [...]

Day trip from Mykonos to Paros

Mykonos day trips to other islands: where to go for a day

Centrally located in the Cyclades, Mykonos is not only the second top destination in Greece but also a frequent hopping base for other close islands. In fact, many visitors combine holidays in Mykonos with day trips to other Greek destinations, something very easy due to the busy ferry connection between Mykonos and other islands. Here [...]

What to see in Mykonos in one day: Walk in the town

What to see in Mykonos in one day

Although Mykonos has many things to do for a week long holiday, you can actually see the most important sights in Mykonos in one day. This is a pretty frequent case actually, especially for visitors who are coming to the island on a cruise or in a day tour from other islands. The first thing [...]

Where to party in Mykonos: beach clubs

Where to party in Mykonos: beach bars and clubs

Mykonos, one of the most famous Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, is best known world-wide for its incomparable natural beauty and glamorous lifestyle. Although distinguishing for the stunning beaches with crystal clear waters and its interesting Cycladic architecture, this cosmopolitan island mostly attracts young people from all over the world due to its famous [...]

Best suggestions for island hopping from Mykonos

Best island hopping from Mykonos

The popular island of Mykonos, renowned for its wild party scene and the amazing waters, is an excellent base for your holidays, due to its central location in the Cyclades group of islands. In fact, your island hopping from Mykonos can get you to fantastic close islands, such as the romantic Santorini, the extraordinary Milos, [...]

Top things to do in Mykonos

Top 5 things to do in Mykonos

Every summer, Mykonos, the second most celebrated Greek island after Santorini, gets flooded by millions of tourists, who are attracted by its magnificent beaches and vibrant nightlife. Retaining the traditional Cycladic architecture with little cubic houses and whitewashed walls, Mykonos is a popular destination as a cruise stop as well. Whether in pursuit of delight [...]


Tours in Mykonos: See everything you have to see

Mykonos is a relatively small island but has many spots, hidden or not, that visitors have to see. Especially if you are arriving for a day or two, we suggest you try our sightseeing tours to see everything you have to see on the island plus save valuable time.   Walking and swimming tours Walking [...]