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Dakos: A Cretan Delicacy

Everybody loves tasting local recipes when visiting a new town or city, especially if this place is famous for its delicious cuisine. Well, Crete is considered an idyllic island not only because of its beautiful landscape and beaches, but also for its mediterranean gastronomy. Among the gorgeous dishes of Cretan Cuisine, Dakos constitutes one of [...]

agrotourism in greece

Agrotourism in Greece: How to

Agrotourism is one of the most special types of tourism, broadly defined as the kind which aims at bringing tourists closer to nature. In some countries, tourists stay in farms while in others, they join groups and actively participate in various agricultural activities. Agrotourism’s popularity has been steadily increasing in the later years, resulting nowadays in [...]

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Crete: The Incredible Minoan Palace of Knossos

The alluring island of Crete is the largest Greek island and it was the place in where the famous Minoan civilization thrived. According to scientists, the Minoan civilization is one of the earliest civilizations of Europe, classifying this period from 3650 to 1400 B.C, that is in the middle of Bronze age. In order for [...]

Agios Georgios Asi Gonia edited

Agios Georgios Feast in Greece

Agios Georgios (Saint George) is one of the most celebrated saints in Greece. Agios Georgios is an acknowledged saint across the Catholic, the Anglican, the Orthodox, the Lutheran and the Armenian Church. In Greece, Saint George is celebrated on the 23rd of April and many areas of Greece devote big ceremonies and fairs to his [...]

Best Greek islands for couples

Crete island hopping: set sail for other islands

Situated in the southern part of Greece, Crete island lies between the Aegean and the Libean Sea. It is actually the largest of the Greek islands and a very popular holiday destination. Every year, Crete welcomes thousands of tourists, who fly to the international airports of Heraklion and Chania so as to explore the unique [...]

Best places to stay in Crete

Best places to stay in Crete, north and south

Holidays in Crete is a wonderful summer experience. The island offers a lot of tourist developed resorts with exciting nightlife, leisure activities, beautiful beaches and luxury accommodation. The northern side of the island is more developed in tourism facilities and closer to transportation hubs, like international airports and popular ports. In the southern side of [...]

Top places to visit in Crete

Crete top places to visit: from beaches to sights

One holiday visit is not enough to see all the wild beauty of Crete. With a coastline of 1,046 km (650 miles) from one end to the other, the island offers places of fantastic natural beauty, interesting archaeological sites and picturesque villages. Every mile is a new discovery in Crete. Whether you are traveling on [...]

Crete ferry

Take the ferry to Crete

As Crete is the largest Greek island and a very popular tourist destination, there are many ferry connections to Crete from Athens and other islands. Located on the southern side of the Aegean Sea, the ferry to Crete takes many hours (about 6-7), which is why many passengers choose to travel overnight and stay in [...]