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Unusual hotels in Greece

Visitors who choose Greece for their holidays are given the chance to choose from a list of seemingly endless options when it comes to picking the property that best matches their preferences, from low-budget hostels to award-winning luxury resorts – and many more! However, did you know that there are also certain unusual accommodation options, [...]

Kythnos Chora

Small islands in Greece: Discover Kythnos

Greece has a lot of small islands scattered around in the Aegean Sea and despite the fact that they do not boast much of the fame and heavy tourism of the big isles, they still remain one of the most beautiful secret escapes of Greece. Kythnos is one of these little natural treasures of Greece [...]

Best places to stay in Crete

Best places to stay in Crete, north and south

Holidays in Crete is a wonderful summer experience. The island offers a lot of tourist developed resorts with exciting nightlife, leisure activities, beautiful beaches and luxury accommodation. The northern side of the island is more developed in tourism facilities and closer to transportation hubs, like international airports and popular ports. In the southern side of [...]

Hotels in Greece

Tips for choosing hotels in Greece

Booking the best hotels is certainly the most important part of your holidays. A good hotel in combination with the fantastic Greek landscape can make your holidays the most memorable of your lifetime, while a bad choice may offer miserable moments. Here are some tips to bear in mind when looking for hotels in Greece. [...]

Hotel in Athens

How to choose a hotel in Athens

There is a wide range of hotels in Athens, from luxurious five star hotels with spa facilities to budget hostels. Here are some tips on choosing the best hotel in Athens.   Stay in the city centre Most hotels are concentrated in central regions of the city, such as Plaka, Monastiraki, Thission, Syntagma square and [...]


Hotels in Santorini: Caldera view or beachside?

Santorini is one of the most romantic islands in Greece, widely known for its scenic beauty. What we call one island is actually a cluster of islands, all that remains after a series of violent volcanic eruptions that took place over thousands of years ago. The intense volcanic activity created a large crater, also called [...]