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Gyhtio agia varvara beach

Gythio: the unprecedented beauty of Peloponnese

Gythio constitutes one of the most popular holiday destinations in Peloponnese since it combines everything from wonderful beaches to beautiful landscape and excellent gastronomy. Just 40 km away from Sparti, Gythio is easily accessible by either car or ferry. Mani and Gythio Town are the most significant regions due to their size, population and tourist [...]

First time on a Greek ferry? Things to know

First time on a Greek ferry? Answers to 5 frequent questions

Are you a first time passenger on a Greek ferry? Then we understand that you might have few questions for the boarding procedure or the trip itself. Here are our answers to the most frequent questions that we receive regarding first time ferry traveling in Greece. # Which is the best seat on a Greek [...]

Islands close to Athens: Andros

Greek islands near Athens: For short ferry rides

Located in the centre of Greece, Athens has many close islands that can be accessed through a short and comfortable ferry ride. Greek islands near Athens can be equally fantastic as far away islands and many of them remain off the beaten track even in high season. Here are our favorite islands close to Athens [...]

Turkey to Greece Ferry

Ferry from Turkey to Greece: lines and regulations

Due to the short distance between the Greek islands in Eastern Aegean and the coasts of Turkey, there is frequent ferry connection, particularly in summer, to serve tourists who need to travel from one country to the other. Taking a ferry from Turkey to Greece is quick as in most cases travel time is about [...]

Greek ferry seat types

Greek ferry seats: Deck, air seat or cabin?

Traveling by ferry is a fantastic way to get from one Greek island to the other. Although some islands have airports that allow easy access from Athens, Thessaloniki or direct flights from abroad, taking the ferry is longer but more enjoyable. After all, for some islands, ferry is the only option to get there, as [...]

One day ferry trips from Athens

One day ferry trips from Athens

As Athens is located in the center of the country and there are many islands located only a short ferry ride away, visitors can easily pick up a small island to visit for one day. Such one day ferry trips from Athens may combine walking, swimming and sightseeing. They are ideal for people who come [...]

How to travel by ferry from Italy to Greece

The ferry from Italy to Greece runs all year round, but certainly this ferry connection has more frequent schedules in summer. In winter, ferries from Italy to Greece usually depart from the ports of Ancona, Bari and Brindisi and arrive at the mainland Greek ports of Igoumenitsa and Patras. However, more ferries operate from additional [...]

Crete ferry

Take the ferry to Crete

As Crete is the largest Greek island and a very popular tourist destination, there are many ferry connections to Crete from Athens and other islands. Located on the southern side of the Aegean Sea, the ferry to Crete takes many hours (about 6-7), which is why many passengers choose to travel overnight and stay in [...]

Why need to book Greek ferry tickets online?

It is not very long ago the period when tourists would come to Greece and buy their ferry tickets to the Greek islands directly from the port, just before the ferry departure. Some tourists had not even decided on which island to go and would just buy ferry tickets for the next available trip. Today [...]