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Some of the Outstanding buildings of Athens

Athens is renowned for its incomparable archaeological sites, vivid urban scene and upbeat nightlife – however did you know that it also has some of the most special architectural samples of Europe’s South? Below we have gathered few of the most outstanding Athenian buildings – others historical, some simply breathtaking – that will help you [...]

Athens Acropolis Museum

5 reasons to visit Athens Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis is definitely one historical site you can’t miss during your stay in Athens. Except of this magnificent building surely you have to visit also the Athens Acropolis museum which is only 300 meters from the Acropolis. The museum is a new beautiful and modern building designed in such a way so it reflects [...]

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Bar and Restaurant suggestions in Athens

Athens is the ultimate destination to have a good time out, and the list is endless; indeed the city’s map is constantly enriched by the addition of new bars and restaurants, guaranteeing that your sortie will be a wonderful adventure in the urban jungle! Here are some of our favorite choices  that await for your [...]


Brunching in Athens

Once a trend now a beloved tradition, brunch has been around for several years now; however it wasn’t until recently that the Greeks embraced the habit of brunching. And it was an enthusiastic embrace, as nowadays Athens in particular exhibits a wide variety of brunching places that have mastered the art of eating lunch for breakfast. [...]

BestHostelsin Greece

Award winning hostels in Greece

If you are planning on visiting Greece but want to keep that budget low, then worry not; Greece has a wide selection of renowned, award-winning hostel in many different locations to choose from, so that you can have your cake and eat it too. How about a low-cost, high-fun backpacking tour?   #Far Out Beach [...]

Hot spots for food in athens

5 hot spots for food in Athens

Hungry while discovering Athens? This will certainly not be a problem, as Greece’s capital is known in the later years for rapidly transforming into a top culinary destination, with numerous gastronomic choices are that are sure to please every palate. The following list features some of the hottest spots all true foodies swear by.   [...]

Pine Trees Ethnikos Kipos

National Gardens: Athens’ green secret

In the later years and despite the economic crisis, Athens has evolved from a two-day stop to visit Acropolis and then head to the notorious greek islands to an alternative, highly praised destination in which tourists come to stay for good. Indeed, Athens is a multifaceted city, where ancient monuments and hip bars lay side [...]

Best places for panoramic view of Athens: Philopappos Hill

Creative spaces in Athens

Athens is a vibrant city with many institutes where you participate in interactive art seminars. Whether you are interested in theater, dance, music, or simply a more mind- stimulating art lectures, then your options in this vibrant city are numerous.   Ash in Art First of all, Ash in Art is a versatile creative studio [...]

Likavitos Hill Athens

Where to go with your loved one in Athens

Greece is known to be one of the most idyllic destinations; however you don’t have to be in Santorini’s caldera watching the sunset to enjoy some quality time with your sweetheart. Besides evolving into one of the top alternative destinations in Europe, Athens is also an ideal place to experience romantic moments with your beloved one [...]