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The best spring destinations in Greece

Spring is around the corner, the trees are getting greener and the flowers are blooming. The time to start planning your spring trip to Greece has come and you might feel like you don’t know what destination to choose for your next adventure.We got for you not 1, not 2, but 4 of the best [...]


The 3 must-visit secret villages of Mani

Ever thinking where on this earth you can find both charming castles and beaches with emerald waters? If yes, this is for you! Mani is in Lakonia, the southernmost area of Greece and Europe mainland and it is famous for its oranges production. It has a very rich historic past, as it was the center [...]


Best of the best: Top 4 must – sees in Athens

Nobody wants to lose their time when in holidays, right? Managing to visit all the famous sites of Athens, while enjoying your holidays might be stressful at times, especially if you feel you don’t want to miss a thing. Sometimes, you have to downsize your wish list too, but, let’s be honest, some places are [...]


The top 4 one day tours to enjoy when in Athens

Athens is the first city that comes to your mind when you think about the Greek mainland and the perfect starting point to unlimited excursions to literally everywhere in Greece. But, did you know that you can do amazing trips and day tours while you are in Athens, without getting too far? Here are our [...]


What we love about Nafplion (our ultimate favorites)

The thing you notice at the first glimpse about Nafplion, is how charming it is. This little town of Peloponnese is as it has just came out of a fairy tale and while walking down its small roads, you will feel like time travelling in the past. Nafplion has a historical significance for the Greeks, [...]


Our favorite things about Mesolongi

Let’s be honest: Mesolongi is a little town that has it all. From picturesque views and romantic strolls to historic sites and yummy local cuisine. Mesolongi, the capital of the regional unit of Aitoloakarnania, is located at the center of Patras gulf and has approximately 40,000 inhabitants. The places you can see and the activities [...]


This is why you’re gonna leave your heart to Arachova

If you are wondering what the most popular winter destination in Greece is, then the answer is hands down Arachova! Being located on the mountain Parnassos, at 960 meters altitude, Arachova is a cute little town, full of stone made houses and little roads, that you will fall in love with. If you need some [...]



It is not a secret that Athens is the perfect central destination, when it comes to travelling in Greece. Full of archaeological sites and picturesque little roads, it is a very interesting combination of the old and the new. Retro and modern vibes come together to create a city that everyone falls in love with. [...]


Athens VS Thessaloniki

If you think this is a battle…Well, it is! Two different big cities, two different histories and locations. An eternal dilemma has been a controversial topic in million of conversations for many years now. The crash test has begun: Athens or Thessaloniki?   Athens Athens is the largest city of Greece, famous for the Acropolis [...]