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agrotourism in greece

Agrotourism in Greece: How to

Agrotourism is one of the most special types of tourism, broadly defined as the kind which aims at bringing tourists closer to nature. In some countries, tourists stay in farms while in others, they join groups and actively participate in various agricultural activities. Agrotourism’s popularity has been steadily increasing in the later years, resulting nowadays in [...]

Best places for panoramic view of Athens: Philopappos Hill

Creative spaces in Athens

Athens is a vibrant city with many institutes where you participate in interactive art seminars. Whether you are interested in theater, dance, music, or simply a more mind- stimulating art lectures, then your options in this vibrant city are numerous.   Ash in Art First of all, Ash in Art is a versatile creative studio [...]

Kalamaki beach Zante

Discover: Wildlife in Greece

Greece might be famous for the endless beaches and picturesque scenery of the islands that attract millions of tourists every year but its part that sustains a large amount of wildlife still remains one of the richest and most interesting areas for discovering the wild fauna and flora which consolidates the country as a paradise [...]

Mini Marathon of Spetses

Running events in Greece: how have they become so popular?

They say that you get to really know a place only if you walk it. How about if you… run it? Running is surely a fantastic way to deeply know a destination. Fortunately Greece provides many chances for city or countryside runs, even for trail runs. In fact, there are many hiking trails in the [...]

Greek island activities: diving

Greek island activities: how to make your holidays more fun

Having a relaxing holiday is frequently connected with practicing fun activities and enjoying yourself. In Greece, you will actually find many fun things to do. Here are some suggested Greek island activities that you can try to give a pinch of difference to your vacations. # Windsurfing and kitesurfing The strong winds that blow in [...]

Walking in the Greek islands

Best Greek islands for walking

The Greek islands are among the top destinations in the world for summer holidays, due to their incredible landscape and warm hospitality. Most Greek islands combine mountainous backgrounds with fertile plains and forests, as well as amazing beaches, creating a magical scenery, perfect for walking and hiking. The nature is green and beautiful and hikers [...]

Best Greek islands for windsurfing and kite: Naxos

Best Greek islands for windsurfing and kite

Most people are unaware of the fact that the Greek islands are great not only for relaxing beach holidays, but also for adventurous activities. Many islands in the Aegean are fantastic places for windsurfing and kite surfing. The wind in the Aegean Sea is strong in summer, especially in the afternoon hours, creating perfect conditions [...]

Best Greek islands for couples

Santorini hiking: the scenic hike from Fira to Oia

Walking along the caldera will surely be the most scenic route in Santorini island, Greece. In fact, there is a hiking path that lines up half of the volcanic caldera, from Fira up to Oia via Firostefani and Imerovigli. Following this Santorini hiking path gives gorgeous view to the famous volcano and the Aegean Sea [...]

Best Greek islands for photo shooting

Get inspired: top Greek islands for photo shooting

One of the top holiday destinations around the world, Greece has a broad range of unique islands. Spread in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, only few hours away from the mainland, the Greek islands are renowned for their unparalleled beauty. With the lovely sun-drenched beaches, the impressive sightseeing and the traditional little towns, it [...]