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Mairi currently lives and works in Athens. She holds a BA in English Literature and Culture from the Kapodistrian University of Athens, as well as a certificate in interpretation studies. An ex-food blogger, road trips enthusiast and all-time lover of Cyclades, she is dedicated into exploring off the beaten track destinations and is especially interested in local customs and traditional gastronomy.
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Bar and Restaurant suggestions in Athens

Athens is the ultimate destination to have a good time out, and the list is endless; indeed the city’s map is constantly enriched by the addition of new bars and restaurants, guaranteeing that your sortie will be a wonderful adventure in the urban jungle! Here are some of our favorite choices  that await for your [...]


Unusual hotels in Greece

Visitors who choose Greece for their holidays are given the chance to choose from a list of seemingly endless options when it comes to picking the property that best matches their preferences, from low-budget hostels to award-winning luxury resorts – and many more! However, did you know that there are also certain unusual accommodation options, [...]

panagia chrisopigi in sifnos, greece

Sifnos: Panagia Chrisopigi festival

One of the most unforgettable experiences one can have during his stay in Cyclades is definitely that of the traditional festivals -or “panigiria” as are known in Greek. The islands have a lengthy history of organizing celebrations to honor their favorite protector-Saints, but the most well-known festivities are always in honor of Panagia (Holy Mary) [...]

Top 4 favorite habits of the Greeks

Greeks are known for their intense temperament, loud voices, short temper and vivid lifestyle -indeed, we tend to frequently embody the Mediterranean stereotype, being open-hearted, lovers of life and all pleasures; sea, sun, food, love, singing and much more. If you are planning to visit Greece this summer, you might want to consider getting accustomed [...]


Donoussa: Enchanting dives into the blue

Donoussa is a small island in the southeastern Cyclades and is located 10 miles north of Amorgos and east of Naxos. According to ancient Greek mythology the island took its name from the god Dionysus, who inhabited the island. Historically, the first settlers came from the island of Amorgos and founded the village “Stavros” where they built [...]


Brunching in Athens

Once a trend now a beloved tradition, brunch has been around for several years now; however it wasn’t until recently that the Greeks embraced the habit of brunching. And it was an enthusiastic embrace, as nowadays Athens in particular exhibits a wide variety of brunching places that have mastered the art of eating lunch for breakfast. [...]


Greek customs: Tsiknopempti

Greece has various customs and traditions preserved loyally all year round -many of them quite enthusiastically even by the younger generations. Some of the most loved ones include -what else- food and certainly the most anticipated one is that of Tsiknopempti! The name sounds weird, we know -it actually means “Smoked Thursday”, as it is a [...]


It’s all Greek to me: books for Greece enthusiasts

Can’t get enough of Greece? So do we! Whether through stories that put a smile on your face or impressive photographs that take your breath away, we have gathered a list of our favorite books and albums that you should definitely consider if you love it when things are all Greek to you.   Colorific [...]

BestHostelsin Greece

Award winning hostels in Greece

If you are planning on visiting Greece but want to keep that budget low, then worry not; Greece has a wide selection of renowned, award-winning hostel in many different locations to choose from, so that you can have your cake and eat it too. How about a low-cost, high-fun backpacking tour?   #Far Out Beach [...]

Hot spots for food in athens

5 hot spots for food in Athens

Hungry while discovering Athens? This will certainly not be a problem, as Greece’s capital is known in the later years for rapidly transforming into a top culinary destination, with numerous gastronomic choices are that are sure to please every palate. The following list features some of the hottest spots all true foodies swear by.   [...]