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Here is our list with the best Greek islands. This summer do not miss the chance to discover these heavens on earth. As all Greek islands have different landscapes and styles, all visitors will find something unique according to their preferences. Scattered in two large seas, the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, the Greek islands are easy to access by ferry or plane.

This is a guide with the best Greek islands, ranked by popularity. This ranking is based on our data as a travel guide and not on the official data and statistics of the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

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Santorini island
01 | Santorini island (Cyclades)

The best island in Greece and frequently included among the most romantic destinations in the world, Santorini is visited by millions of tourists every summer. You will get impressed by the steep caldera and the amazing sunset. Do not miss a trip to the volcano, whose top can be seen from any spot of the caldera. For swimming, head to the southern side of Santorini, where most beach resorts can be found.

Mykonos island
02 | Mykonos island (Cyclades)

Famous all over the world for the exotic beaches and the crazy nightlife, Mykonos is the second best island of Greece, after Santorini. In the day, relax under the hot Greek sun and dance in the beach bars of Paradise and Super Paradise. In the evenings, head to Mykonos Town and see the sunset from Little Venice, walk around the narrow streets and have fun in the all-night bars.

Rhodes island
03 | Rhodes island (Dodecanese)

The best and most cosmopolitan island of Dodecanese, Rhodes is located in the south eastern side of the Aegean. This island is perfect for all ages and tastes. You will find both organized and secluded beaches, busy waterfronts and small portsides, monasteries and ancient sites. Most of all, you will love the Old Town. Walk along the paved streets of the Old Town and you will have the sense that time has stopped in the time of the Knights.

Kos island
04 | Kos island (Dodecanese)

Kos is among the most popular islands of Dodecanese, second to Rhodes. This is a place with many diversions: you will find both busy, crowded beach resorts great for wild youth as well as calm, secluded spots ideal for families. Although Kos is large enough for long summer holidays, it also serves as a good base for daily trips to other islands of Dodecanese.

Corfu island
05 | Corfu island (Ionian)

The most cosmopolitan island of the Ionian Sea, Corfu was among the first Greek islands to open to tourism. With an amazing town of Venetian architecture, many sightseeings and wonderful beaches, Corfu attracts thousands of visitors every year. Paleokastritsa is the most famous resort, but beautiful places to stay can be found all around the island.

Kefalonia island
06 | Kefalonia island (Ionian)

Over the last years, and especially after the filming of the Hollywood movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin on the island, Kefalonia is getting more popular as a world destination. Famous for the exotic water and the green landscape, Kefalonia is a great summer destination for families and couples. Myrtos is the most photographed beach of Kefalonia, but equally beautiful are the beaches of Antisamos, Makrigialos and Lourdas.

Zakynthos island
07 | Zakynthos island (Ionian)

Famous for the wonderful beaches and the lively nightlife, Zakynthos is a great destination for all ages and tastes. The youth will love the organized beaches and the noisy bars of Laganas, while families will relax in the resorts of Vassilikos. The most famous spot of Zakynthos is certainly Navagio, a gorgeous bay with exotic blue water and a rusty shipwreck on shore.

Paros island
08 | Paros island (Cyclades)

One of the most cosmopolitan islands of Cyclades, Paros is famous for its pure Cycladic architecture, the wonderful beaches and the vivid nightlife. A drive around the island will bring you to traditional villages with white sugar houses and paved paths, while the countryside is scattered with small chapels. Golden Beach and New Golden Beach are very popular for windsurfing, while great beaches are also Kolymbithres and Santa Maria.

Naxos island
09 | Naxos island (Cyclades)

Although it is surrounded by popular islands, Naxos has kept its family style. Located in the centre of Cyclades, Naxos has amazing beaches on the western side and picturesque mountainous villages in the countryside. All beaches of Naxos have exotic water and soft sand, while Mikri Vigla is considered the best windsurfing and kitesurfing spot in Cyclades.

Samos island
10 | Samos island (Eastern Aegean)

Among the most popular islands of Greece, Samos keeps its family atmosphere even in high season. Due to its large size, tourism on Samos is spread and not concentrated in few resorts. Visitors are charmed by the blue-green water, the traditional villages and the interesting ancient sites. Hiking is also popular in Samos, with many trails leading to secret coves, waterfalls and small villages.

Thassos island
11 | Thassos island (Eastern Aegean)

Called the Emerald of the Aegean, Thassos is located on the northern side of the Aegean and very close to the mainland. With lush forests and fabulous beaches with blue-green water, this island attacts many families and romantic couples. Thassos is also popular with hiking, as the hiking trails will lead you to Byzantine towers, nice caves and secret coves.

Skiathos island
12 | Skiathos island (Sporades)

An island with cosmopolitan atmosphere, Skiathos is known for the sandy organized beaches, the lively bars and the lush green background. Do not miss the amazing beaches of the southern side and a boat trip to the exotic beach of Lalaria. Skiathos became widely famous when scenes of the Hollywood movie Mamma Mia were filmed there.

Karpathos island
13 | Karpathos island (Dodecanese)

The southernmost island of Dodecanese, Karpathos stands out for the exotic beaches, the picturesque villages and the amazing nature. In fact, hiking is very popular in Karpathos and hiking routes pass through many inland villages and lead to secret coves with crystal water. In Karpathos, do not miss the dreamy village of Olympos, perched on the slopes of a hill and keeping intact all the traditional customs of the island.

Ios island
14 | Ios island (Cyclades)

Among the most popular islands of Cyclades, Ios is mostly frequented by youth due to the vivid nightlife with all-night parties. However, Ios has something to offer to all ages. Visitors will love the picturesque architecture of Chora and the crystal, sandy beaches of Mylopotas and Manganari. A hike around Ios will also bring you to secluded places and amazing hilltops.

Lefkada island
15 | Lefkada island (Ionian)

World famous for the exotic beaches of the western side, Lefkada is a wonderful place for summer vacations. Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Kathisma are the most photographed beaches on the island, while there are other less-known beaches with such amazing water. In Lefkada, you will also find picturesque seaside villages and romantic spots to have a drink in the evening.

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