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Hydra island
16 | Hydra island (Saronic)

The jewel of the Saronic Gulf, Hydra is a popular destination since the 1960s, when it became a highly artistic centre and a meeting spot for renowned writers, painters and actors of that time. This is an island with both cosmopolitan and traditional vibe, elegant mansions, picturesque coves and many hiking trails.

Lesvos island
17 | Lesvos island (Eastern Aegean)

Known as the birthplace of Sappho, Lesvos is a lovely family destination. All around the island, there are vast olive groves, traditional villages, clean beaches and interesting sightseeing. Apart from Mytilene, the capital of the island, very picturesque is also the region of Molivos. Apart from high-quality olive oil, Lesvos is famous for the production of ouzo.

Amorgos island
18 | Amorgos island (Cyclades)

Located on the southern side of Cyclades, Amorgos is a secluded island that keeps its calm paces even in high season. Famous for its traditional architecture, the crystal beaches and the barren landscape, Amorgos is a lovely place to relax in your summer holidays. Do not miss the Monastery of Hozoviotissa, built entirely against a rock, and the beach of Agia Anna, where scenes from the film The Big Blue were shot.

Aegina island
19 | Aegina island (Saronic)

Very close to Athens and with regular ferry connection, Aegina is small charming island, ideal for family holidays. The beaches in Aegina are organized and shallow, whichj makes them safe for children. Also the picturesque seaside villages provide romantic background for promenades. In Aegina, do not miss the Ancient Temple of Athena Aphaia in the centre of the island.

Poros island
20 | Poros island (Saronic)

Due to its close distance to Athens and its small size, Poros is popular as a weekend destination. The lovely coves with blue green water, the verdant background and the picturesque town gives Poros a relaxing atmosphere. The island is also used as a base for sailing trips around the Saronic Gulf. The most popular beaches in Poros are Askeli and the Love Bay.

Milos island
21 | Milos island (Cyclades)

A lovely island of western Cyclades, Milos keeps a calm atmosphere even in high season. Due to its volcanic background, Milos has barren landscape and crystal beaches, especially on the southern side. Do not miss the fishing village of Klima, with the colourful boat garages along the beach front, and a boat trip to Kleftiko, an amazing spot with rocks in the middle of the sea and exotic water.

Chios island
22 | Chios island (Eastern Aegean)

Located on the eastern side of the Aegean Sea, Chios is a traditional island with intense Medieval character. It is famous for the Medieval villages with the geometrical designs on the walls, the mastic production and the Byzantine monasteries. Most beaches in Chios are secluded and unorganized. The most famous beach is Mavra Volia.

Andros island
23 | Andros island (Cyclades)

Although it is located very close to Athens, the island of Andros keeps its calm, family vibes in summer. The picturesque architecture of Chora is the most distinctive characteristic of Andros. You will love the narrow cobbled streets of Chora, the amazing view to the Aegean and the elegant mansions. The beaches in Andros are crystal and relaxing.

Kalymnos island
24 | Kalymnos island (Dodecanese)

An island with long tradition in sponge diving, Kalymnos is beautiful place with barren landscape. Due to this wild rocksides, Kalymnos has developed over the last years as a popular rock climbing destination. In fact, a rock climbing festival takes place there every year. With lovely beach resorts and relaxing vibes, Kalymnos is a nice island for family vacations.

Spetses island
25 | Spetses island (Saronic)

An island with vivid traditional architecture, Spetses is a great for relaxing holidays. A walk around the main town will bring you to elegant mansions, intereating churches, ample squares and spots with beautiful view to the sea. Cars are prohibited in the town and transport is done on foot, by bicycle or with the lovely horse carriages. Do not miss the museum of Bouboulina, a heroine of the Greek Revolution, just above the port.

Kythira island
26 | Kythira island (Ionian)

A secluded island on the southern side of Peloponnese, Kythira offers all the relaxation you need in holidays. The entire island gives a sense of purity and tradition. A drive around Kythira will bring you to mountainous villages where life has stopped few decades ago, to secret coves with crystal water and interesting sightseeing, like monasteries and caves.

Leros island
27 | Leros island (Dodecanese)

An island great for calm family vacations, Leros is a small island with relaxing atmosphere. Agia Marina and Alinda are the most developed places but with no mass tourism. The Medieval Castle and the underground War Museum are the most impressive sights on the island, while a walk along the portside under the moonlight will leave you with the most romantic impressions from your summer holidays.

Syros island
28 | Syros island (Cyclades)

Syros is a gem not yet discovered by foreign tourists, as it mostly receives Greek visitors. A walk around Ermoupolis, the capital of the island, will bring you to elegant mansions, beautiful churches and large squares. The town gets very lively in the evenings with the nice bars at the waterfront. The beaches of Syros are nice and clean, surrounded by many accommodation.

Lemnos island
29 | Lemnos island (Eastern Aegean)

Lemnos is an unspoiled island, perfect for family vacations. Although Lemnos has a beautiful varied landscape and interesting sightseeing, it has escaped mass tourism, probably due to its large size and the long distance from Athens. A drive around the island will bring you to secluded golden beaches, many ancient sites and traditional villages.

Sifnos island
30 | Sifnos island (Cyclades)

Located on the western side of Cyclades, Sifnos is developing over the last years as a place for both families and youth. Families will love the calm beaches with delicious taverns, while the youth will get excited for the lively beach bars that stay open till the early hours. In Sifnos, do not miss the picturesque village of Kastro with the lovely church of Seven Martyrs at the entrance.

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