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76 | Kyparissia (Peloponnese)

Mostly a family holiday destination, Kyparissia stands out for the relaxing atmosphere and the calm beaches. The Old Town is built around the remains of a Byzantine Castle, on the hill top above Kyparissia, while the New Town is built between the hill and the sea. This town serves as a convenient base for daily excursions in this part of Peloponnese.

Tilos island
77 | Tilos island (Dodecanese)

Tilos is a small, remote island of Dodecanese, located between Nisyros and Rhodes. Its small villages and secluded beaches attract tourists that are looking for an alternative destination. Tourism is not much developed on the island, except for the necessary facilities. Nightlife is little on Tilos, as there is only one bar that opens in summer in the abandoned village of Mikro Chorio.

78 | Arachova (Sterea)

A mountainous town in close distance to Delphi and only three hours drive from Athens, Arachova is the most popular winter destination in Greece. It gets so busy for the lively nightlife and the three ski centres of Mount Parnassus. In Arachova, there are many luxurious accommodation and wooden chalets for your stay.

Halki island
79 | Halki island (Dodecanese)

A tiny island close to Rhodes, Halki distinguishes for its traditional architecture, the lovely waterfront and the secluded beaches. In the centre of the island, there is an abandoned village with a strong castle on the hill top. This village and many beaches around Halki can be reached on foot. Distances are short and this makes Halki is a great place for trekking.

80 | Zagoria (Epirus)

Nature is blooming all year round in Zagoria, a mountainous region on the north western side of Greece, just between Ioannina and the Greek-Albanian borders. With the amazing nature and the picturesque villages, Zagoria make a perfect autumn and winter destination. Worth to see is the Gorge of Vikos, the second deepest gorge in the world, after the Grand Canyon.

81 | Kalavryta (Peloponnese)

Located on the northern side of Greece, the mountainous town of Kalavryta is visited mostly by Greek tourists. Due to its beautiful nature and the ski centre, Kalavryta is an autumn and winter destination. Interesting sights to see in the region are the Monastery of Mega Spileo, the Monastery of Agia Lavra and the Cave of the Lakes. A hike around Kalavryta will also bring you to traditional villages and spots with great view.

Anafi island
82 | Anafi island (Cyclades)

Anafi is a tiny island very close to Santorini. It stands out for the barren landscape and the secluded beaches. Its only village is located among rocky cliffs, beaches are accessible mostly on foot and small chapels are scattered along the landscape. Tourism on Anafi is not at all developed but visitors will find the basic amenities for a comfortable stay.

Donoussa island
83 | Donoussa island (Cyclades)

Donoussa is a tiny island located in the centre of Cyclades, to the east of Naxos. Although Donoussa was inhabited in the ancient times, it was gradually abandoned due to raids of pirates in the Middle Ages. When piracy in the Aegean Sea was confronted, residents from neighbouring Amorgos island settled on Donoussa. Now it is one of the remotest island in Greece, where you can enjoy real traditional life and secluded beaches.

84 | Mesolongi (Sterea)

A small town in western Greece, Mesolongi spreads around a large sea lake. Actually, this sea lake provide the main economical sources of the inhabitants, through fishing and producing fish roe. Tourism in Mesolongi is not much developed but it constitutes a nice break on your traveling around the country.

Sikinos island
85 | Sikinos island (Cyclades)

Sikinos is a pure Cycladic island located between Ios and Folegandros. Its capital, Chora, is one of the most traditional Cycladic settlements and the island is surrounded by nice beaches. Some of them are organized, while others are perfect for complete isolation. Apart from the port beach, the other beaches in Sikinos are accessible on foot or by boat. The only sightseeing on the island is the Byzantine Monastery of Episkopi.

Schinoussa island
86 | Schinoussa island (Cyclades)

Schinoussa is a tiny island located to the south of Naxos and very close to Ios and Amorgos. Schinoussa has only a few inhabitants and paces of life there are slow and traditional. The wild landscape, the isolate beaches, the hospitality of the locals and the true Cycladic style amazes visitors. This is a great island to enjoy pure privacy.

87 | Sparti (Peloponnese)

In the ancient times, Sparti was the most powerful city-state of Greece, along with Athens. It had developed a strong military power and a strict society formation. The modern town of Sparti is among the few Greek towns that have been constructed according to an urban plan, presenting little tourist interest. The remains of the ancient town lay in close distance to the modern town.

Iraklia island
88 | Iraklia island (Cyclades)

Geographically located between Naxos and Ios, Iraklia is a small island that remains untouched by mass tourism. There, you can enjoy some truly relaxing vacations, away from large crowds and noisy spots. Tourism on Iraklia is not developed a lot, except for the basic amenities. Beaches are isolate, villages are traditional and people are welcoming. In Iraklia, visitors will find the purest aspect of traditional Greek life.

Mathraki island
89 | Mathraki island (Ionian)

A tiny island on the northern side of Corfu, Mathraki is almost isolate even in high season. Due to its remote distance and the small size, Mathraki has not developed in tourism. It is mostly visited as a day trip from Corfu or by people looking for totally private vacations. There is very rare transport to get around Mathraki and distances are covered on foot, which makes it a nice place for hiking.

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