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Skyros island
61 | Skyros island (Sporades)

Skyros is geographically located just in the centre of the Aegean and opposite the island of Evia. This is the least tourist developed islands of Sporades and receives mostly Greek visitors. With secluded beaches, clean water and green landscape, Skyros is perfect for relaxing family vacations. A walk in Chora will bring you to elegant mansions, ceramic workshops and a Byzantine Castle on the hilltop.

Kythnos island
62 | Kythnos island (Cyclades)

Although it is only two hours ferry ride from Athens, Kythnos is not a touristic island. Due to its close distance to the mainland, it is mostly frequented by Athenians in summer weekends. With two picturesque villages, Chora and Driopida, and nice, secluded beaches, Kythnos is a lovely place for short break. The most famous beach of Kythnos is Kolona, which is actually a narrow stretch of land dividing the sea in two sides.

Elafonissos island
63 | Elafonissos island (Peloponnese)

A tiny island on the southern side of Peloponnese, just below Laconia, Elafonissos is famous for its Carribean-like beaches. With exotic crystal water and soft sand on the shore, this island is very popular for camping. The most famous beach is Simos, which is actually a long strech of sand dividing the sea in two parts.

Astypalea island
64 | Astypalea island (Dodecanese)

Although Astypalea belongs administratively to Dodecanese, its architecture looks very Cycladic. The shape of Astypalea ressembles to a butterfly. Due to the small size and the secluded location, tourism is not much developed. The picturesque village is constructed along the slopes of a hill and offers great view to the sea. With romantic atmosphere and secluded beaches, Astypalea is ideal for peaceful vacations.

Fourni island
65 | Fourni island (Eastern Aegean)

Fourni is a complex of islands located between Samos and Ikaria. Almost hidden from the rest of the islands and far from the port of Piraeus, Fourni is the ideal destination for backpackers, couples seeking for isolation and families who want to escape the noisy crowd of the city center. Most activity is concentrated in the Town and many beaches can be accessible on foot.

Agistri island
66 | Agistri island (Saronic)

A small island in close distance to Athens and Aegina , Agistri attracts visitors with the calm ambience and the crystal beaches. Skala is the most popular resort of Agistri, while a tour around the island will bring you to many nice coves with blue green water. Few of these coves are naturist places. The evenings in Agistri are romantic and great for walking under the moonlight.

Kimolos island
67 | Kimolos island (Cyclades)

Tiny and beautiful, the island of Kimolos is only 30 minutes ferry ride from Milos. Although it is very close to a tourist Greek island, Kimolos has kept its quiet and traditional character. The most popular areas on Kimolos are the port and the village, however if you do some trekking on the island, you will find more picturesque and remote places. Most beaches of Kimolos are accessible on foot and have amazing water.

68 | Nafpaktos (Sterea)

Although it is not that famous to foreign visitors, the Venetian architecture of Nafpaktos make it among the most beautiful towns in Greece. A strong Medieval Castle stands on top of a hill above the town, whiile the picturesque port gets very busy in summer. A large beach starts from the port and extends for long, while many other lovely beaches are found in the surrounding region.

Nisyros island
69 | Nisyros island (Dodecanese)

Nisyros is located between Kos and Tilos. This small island is mostly famous for the Volcano, which is active till today. In summer, there are many boat tours from Kos and Nisyros in order to see this impressive volcano. Mandraki, the capital of the island, is a traditional settlement in blue and white colours. The beaches are mostly isolate and unorganized, but very clean.

Lipsi island
70 | Lipsi island (Dodecanese)

The small island of Lipsi is geographically located between Patmos and Leros. This is a lovely island with pure natural beauty, calm beaches and relaxing atmosphere. Most activities are concentrated in Lipsi Town, where visitors can also find most tourist facilities on the island. The beaches of Lipsi distinguish for the clean water and their total privacy.

Meganisi island
71 | Meganisi island (Ionian)

Meganisi is a small island just opposite Lefkada, accessible by boat from Nidri. Although it does not have the impressive landscapes of Lefkada, Meganisi is a lovely island for few relaxing days. The beaches are actually small coves with blue green water, reflection from the green nature of the island. The pace of life is calm and traditional.

Porto Heli
72 | Porto Heli (Peloponnese)

Although Porto Heli is mostly known to Greek tourists, its large port gets very busy in summer with many private yachts and fishing boats that moor there. The lovely beaches of the area attract many families looking for calm vacations. Porto Heli also serves as a good base for daily excursions in this part of Peloponnese and as a transport hub to Spetses island.

Kea island
73 | Kea island (Cyclades)

A beautiful island only one hour from the port of Lavrion Attica, Kea is a secret gem, still undiscovered by foreign visitors. This island stands for its traditional vibes and the barren scenery. Although it gets frequented by Athenians in summer weekends, the rest of the year is far quiter than other Cyclades islands. Explore the clean beaches, the nice villages and the hidden natural treasures. Ideal for relaxing and privacy all year round.

74 | Patra (Peloponnese)

The third largest town of Greece, Patra is geographically located on the northern side of Peloponnese. Although it is a busy town with interesting places to visit in the surrounding region, Patra is mostly famous as a gateway to Europe. Daily ferries from Italy arrive in the port of Patra, serving thousands of visitors from European countries. Many ferries to the Ionian islands also depart from Patra.

75 | Ermioni (Peloponnese)

Located on the north eastern side of Peloponnese, Ermioni is mostly frequented by Greek tourists. This small seaside town has a lovely beach promenade and many secluded beaches to enjoy a day under the hot sun. It is regularly used as a base for daily excursions in this part of Peloponnese. Just opposite the bay is the island of Hydra, that can be reached by hydrofoil from Ermioni.

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