Athens Museum of Telecommunications

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Location: Kifisia

The Museum of Telecommunications, unique in its kind in Greece, opened its doors in 1990 and hosts an impressive collection of more than 3,500 items and telecommunication material. Around its corners visitors will discover the well-kept stories of communication from the antiquity and Byzantium until today -from the visual transmission of messages via smoke signals to the modern times of the internet and mobile phones. Its collection includes electrical telegraphs, optical fibers, wireless communication systems, telephoto devices from 1949 and one of the first Greek TV studios (from 1965), among others. These unique exhibits do not only represent the evolution of telecommunications but also the history of the OTE Group Company which is inseparably connected to the development of the Greek society.

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Beyond the preservation of its valuable permanent exhibition, the Museum’s activities vary from using/developing new technologies and digitizing/documenting collections to planning and implementing pioneering educational programmes. These programmes are organized for free and student groups and families can attend them throughout the school year; activities such as workshops, sessions for safer internet use and theatrical performances are also available.

The museum is open from Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00 and only for one weekend per month (you can find out these weekends on its official website). The admission is free of charge for all and visitors can also log in the museum’s wi-fi for free.



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