Athens Cartoon Museum

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Location: Metaxourgio

The Cartoon Museum is located at the upcoming area of Metaxourgio and operates since 1994 with the initiative of the Municipality of Athens and in collaboration with a group of Greek cartoonists. The museum is housed in Villa Treiber, a neoclassical building that was originally the residence of the German philhellene Treiber, who came to Greece in 1821 and became the head physician of the Greek army during the Independence War.

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The main collection of the museum is constituted by a permanent exhibition that includes a large collection of political cartoons, advertising material, newspaper comics, sketches and caricatures by many celebrated Greek and foreign artists, that span from the 19th century to this day. Among some of the most renowned exhibits are the comic strips of G. Grammatopoulos for the classic “Proteus and Andromeda” written by B. Rotas, the early 20th century caricatures from the renowned “Satanas” review and the masterfully designed cover of the periodical “Phanos”. The museum also includes an archive and a library.

The Cartoon Museum is found in a walking distance from the metro station of Metaxourgio, on Liossion st. and operates on weekdays from 08:30 to 15:00.

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