Averof Museum in Athens

The Averof Museum of Athens: The Averof Warship is probably the most impressive surviving naval vessel of the Hellenic Navy. It was constructed at the Orlando Shipyards, in Livorno Italy, and was partly paid with the will of Georgios Averof, a major Greek benefactor. The rest of the amount was covered with a loan that Greece receives from foreign countries.

The Averof warship was launched in 1911 and remained active for more than 40 years. It took part in four different wars, the two Balkan Wars, and the two World Wars, and was the leadership of the Hellenic Navy, providing many victories against the enemies. This warship is connected with major moments of the Greek history. Have in mind that the Averof warship defeated, in the First Balkan War, the Turkish fleet who would navigate in the Aegean Sea. This ship also sailed to Constantinople at the end of the First World War and showed the Greek flag.

Moreover, it carried the Greek troops in the Turkish coast to win the Asia Minor back. Furthermore, the Averof warship transferred the exiled Greek government from Egypt back to Athens, when the Second World War ended. In 1952, the Averof warship was withdrawn and moored in the dockyards of Poros. Some decades later, in 1984, it was decided that the ship would turn into a museum and works of restoration started.

Today, the Averof warship is moored in Trocadero Marina, Paleo Faliro, a few minutes from the center of Athens. It functions as a museum that honors all Greeks who died in sea fights in order to defend their country. The visitors can get historical information on the Hellenic Navy and technical information on navigation. The museum also organizes exhibitions and seminars with themes related to the Greek or international nautical history.

Address: Trocadero Marina, Paleo Faliro
Phone: (+30) 210 98 88 211

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