Transformation of the port of Piraeus

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The largest gateway to the Greek islands that serves about 20 million people annually, the port of Piraeus is ready to undergo some huge improvements that will have an important impact in the surrounding region and Greece generally. The plans for the port of Piraeus, which will have been completed in the next ten-year period, according to the plans, concern the creation of a new Archaeological Museum, a National Maritime Museum, a Maritime Archaeology Museum as well as a cultural park for various exhibitions. There is no doubt that these significant works will make Piraeus an important economical and cultural center in Greece. The formation of such a cultural coast will have a great impact to citizens. It is estimated that these cultural works will cost about 70 million euros, an amount that is granted through the Peripheral Business Plan, the Port Authority of Piraeus, the public and private sector as well as by various investors. Pavlos Geroulanos, the Greek Minister of Culture and Tourism, claimed that this is a civil reform project which aims to accentuate the advantages of the port by presenting the archaeological areas to the Greek citizens. The new archaeological museum will be about 7,000 sq. m, that is three times larger compared to the building of the present museum. It is also worth mentioning that the storage area will be transformed into an immigration museum, whereas the large storage area will host important exhibitions for photographers and other artists. Finally, plans have already been made so that the exhibition center of the Port Authority of Piraeus will be transformed into a hotel.