Plans to make Erechtheion open to public

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The Erechtheion, the most sacred monument of the Acropolis Hill and of special important for the ancient Athenians, will become accessible to the public in the near future, after the plan for the reconstruction of the temple's floor.

The initial study for the reconstruction of the floor in Erechtheion was made by Alekos Papanikolaou after the monument was restored in 1986, but it has not been applied yet. The study suggests that the largest part of the floor is earthed and covered with a small marble pathway. The task is demanding, but architects and technical experts are positive that in few years visitors will be able to step inside the monument, even with small restrictions.

The Erechtheion, located on the northern side of the Acropolis, was originally a temple dedicated to goddess Athena Polias, protector of Athens city. Along centuries, it suffered many damages as it was used as a church by the Christians, a palace for Frankish bishops and a residence for the harem of the Turkish commander.