First Greek Car Museum ready to open

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Athens is about to launch a special event for all car enthusiasts. The first Greek Car Museum will open its doors at the Athenian Capitol, a mall in the heart of Athens, hosting 111 vehicles, both modern and rare pieces. It is quite interesting to mention that the oldest motor vehicle of the museum will be a Hungarian model of 1895, while the most recent is a Mercedes 450SL of 1980. All models are part of the impressive collection of Theodoris Haragionis, president of Haragionis Association. As Mr Haragionis said, the main concern in creating this museum was for the Greeks to have an opportunity to find out the history and the evolution of this favorite object that was produced by the industrial revolution. Today, this impressive collection has reached a number of 292 motor vehicles. The museum will present the first 111 of them in this exhibition, while the rest will be displayed in a future exhibition. At the same time, there will be several other exhibitions on race cars or even a special exhibition for a specific motor industry, such as Ferrari. Some of the models that will be displayed in the museum is Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, Chrysler Imperial of 1959 that belonged to Robert Plant, member of the rock band Led Zeppelin, and Cadillac Seville Gucci of 1979. The museum also presents an education program, the Children's Highway Code, especially designed for elementary and secondary school students. Children will have to follow a different program depending on their age. Moreover, there will be a Formula 1 trainer as well as an amphitheatre of 200 people which will be used mainly as a conference room. There will also be a Museum Store, where visitors can buy souvenirs, such as gravures or car miniatures. The museum will open soon and the exhibition will last till late March.