Digital museum for Plato inaugurated

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A special museum, exclusively and digitally dedicated to the great philosopher Plato, was inaugurated yesterday at the archaeological site of Plato’s Academy in the quarter of Kolonos, Athens. This small museum is actually a light construction, made with wood and metal, that is found in the borders of the archaeological site of the Academy but outside the fencing. It is actually found at the small park that is surrounded by the streets Monastiriou, Telephanous, Kreontos and Platonos.

The exhibition of this small museum narrates the story and works of Plato through three sections and respective rooms. The first room is dedicated to Plato as a historical person and to the archaeological site of the Academy, the location where the great philosopher founded his philosophy school and taught to his students for the rest of his life.

The second room is dedicated to the work and methods of Plato, while the third room presents the diachronic path of his work through centuries and how humankind has been influenced and inspired by him. Digital applications, video projections, visual material and maps frame this small museum, enriched with quizzes, interactive games and original videos, presented in two secret rooms.

The first secret room presents a video dedicated to Plato’s Myth of the Cave and actually offers a cave experience for the audience due to darkness and narrow seats that give the sense of captivity. The second secret room is a small amphitheatre that presents in alternation three videos, dedicated to the myth of the soul, the senses of fair and unfair, and the symposium of Plato about love.

The construction material of the museum is fully in accordance with the natural environment, the archaeological site and the neighborhood. This project is part of a larger plan for the development of the region and the Academy, an important archaeological site of Athens that remains unknown.

Opening hours: 09h00-16h00, every day (closed on Mondays)
Admission: free