Constructing a new nautical museum

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Everything is ready to start the construction of a new Museum of Nautical Tradition in Flisvos Faliro, Athens. This new museum has been a long dream and a necessity for the Greek society, who has always been connected to the sea. Since the ancient times till today, the Greeks have been leading in the section of navigation. We all remember the sea fight of Salamina, where the Athenian fleet with the strong triremes destroyed the Persian powers. But even today, ships with the Greek flag cross the sea all over the world. To honour and symbolize this long and glorious tradition, the new nautical museum will be built by the sea of Faliro, to the north of Athens, close to the Averof museum. The modern construction was designed by the architect Mr Giannis Patronis and will extend for almost 9,000 sq.m., including exhibit halls, an amphitheatre of 206 seats, rooms for cultural events, a museum shop, a cafeteria with view to the sea and a large parking area. The most impressive characteristic of the museum will be a spiral construction that will connect the entrance of the museum and the beach of Faliro, symbolizing the eternal connection of Greece to the Sea. Although the cost of this museum is huge, as it is estimated at about 30 million euros, it is considered as a work that will promote the Greek culture and will offer residents and tourists a fine area to stroll around.