Acropolis repair is almost done

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Repair activities in Propylea, the ancient gates of the Acropolis, are almost finished. The west side of Proplylea is ready at the moment and at the east side only some stages need to be removed for the final result. When everything is ready, we will have in total 252 pieces of Acropolis removed and 335 placed on the main construction. Just imagine that, before the repairs, a visitor was able to see 6 columns, when now there will be 13! Before the repairs, there were 46 panels, when now there will be 72! At the same time, activities at the Parthenon Temple are almost over as well. Only 30 marble pieces need to be placed for the final result and this will probably have been done before the end of the year. The Greek repair operation team wants to deliver Acropolis before 2010, without any ugly stages, in its full beauty and glory. The last activity in the Acropolis will be the removal of the iron parts from the west side of the Parthenon and the 8 metopes that are going to be transfered to the new Acropolis Museum.