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Expansion of metro stations

• Attica, Athens
The operation of the metro system from Ethniki Amyna station to the Airport will stop from February 14th and for six months in order to construct new stations along the metro network.
Posted on Jan 30, 2009 Category: News

Constructing a new nautical museum

• Attica, Athens
Everything is ready to start the construction of a new Museum of Nautical Tradition in Flisvos Faliro, Athens. This new museum has been a long dream and a necessity for the Greek society, who has always been connected to the sea.
Posted on Jan 08, 2009 Category: News

Strike of metro and yellow buses

• Attica, Athens
The employees of the metro trains and the yellow buses of Athens will be on strike tomorrow, January 8th.
Posted on Jan 07, 2009 Category: News

Museums and events for free

• Attica, Athens
Museums with open entrance, theatrical performances with no ticket and free musical nights: that is how the cultural world of Athens faces the present economical crisis.
Posted on Jan 04, 2009 Category: News

Christmas Tree lightened for second time

• Attica, Athens
The Christmas Tree of Athens was lightened for the second time yesterday evening in Syntagma square by the Mayor of Athens, Mr Nikitas Kaklamanis. The first tree was burnt by a group of demonstrators during the last week events.
Posted on Dec 17, 2008 Category: News

The site of Acropolis remains closed

• Attica, Athens
The site of Acropolis will remain close for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow due to strike of the Ministry of Culture employees.
Posted on Dec 12, 2008 Category: News

Reformation of the Attica Park

• Attica, Athens
The prefecture of Athens-Piraeus announced yesterday its plan to create a park of 650 sq.m. in the premises of the Attica Park, Galatsi, with a botanical garden and playgrounds, while the open theatre will be reformed.
Posted on Dec 05, 2008 Category: News

The Ship of Peace arrives today in Piraeus

• Attica, Athens
The Ship of Peace, which hosts 100 survivors of the nuclear disaster of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, arrives today in the port of Piraeus, Athens. The Ship travels all over the world to give the message of peace and nuclear abolition.
Posted on Oct 14, 2008 Category: News

Harvesttime in Attica

• Attica, Athens
Many events and tasteful wanderings in the event Harvesttime in Attica.
Posted on Sep 03, 2008 Category: News

Monastiraki Square reveals itself

• Attica, Athens
Various reactions by the pedestrians has caused the new paved square of Monastiraki, Athens city centre. The colorful mosaic floor is being gradually revealed, estimated to be ready by September.
Posted on Aug 07, 2008 Category: News

Buses after midnight

• Attica, Athens
City buses will also contribute to the after-midnight transportations of the Athens residents, on Fridays and Saturdays.
Posted on Jun 05, 2008 Category: News

5,500 visitors to Acropolis on the Museum Day

• Attica, Athens
On the occasion of the International Museum Day celebrated yesterday, 18 May, about 4,000 people visited the Acropolis Museum, while 5,500 people visited the archaeological sites around Acropolis.
Posted on May 19, 2008 Category: News

Archaeological Museum shows its priceless Egyptian collection

• Attica, Athens
A priceless ancient Egyptian collection opened to the public on Wednesday, May 14. The National Archaeological Museum in Athens is putting more than 1,100 pieces.
Posted on May 15, 2008 Category: News

36 Hours in Athens

• Attica, Athens
Ioanna Kakissis writes that although for years, Athens was little more than a one-night stand on the way to the Greek isles
Posted on May 07, 2008 Category: News

Changes in the public transport tickets

• Attica, Athens
Some new reductions of the tickets’ fare have been decided by the Greek government in order to encourage the Athenians to use the public means of transport.
Posted on Apr 29, 2008 Category: News

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